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About Us

First I want to Thank you for stopping by and checking out my store. I take great pride in what I make and how I make my products.There is no added salt or any other preservatives in my sauce.  Making pepper sauce and having a business has been a dream for a long time and now it's HERE! I'm  "ALWAYS MOVING FORWARD" & "SPICING THINGS UP". My life is full of Peace and Love and I want to share my love of HOT PEPPERS and the different flavors and levels of heat that they produce. Making homemade pepper sauces is my passion and joy. So let's go an      "SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!"


The service that I want to provide is fare pricing for hard work and to share my love of pepper sauces that I love making. I also want to give my customers the option of making the sauces hotter if they want it that way, but the only way to have this option is to place an order first then email the company with your request.

There are many different kinds of mild to very hot peppers in the world. My job is to put together as many combos as I can dream up with great taste and flavor. I want to making sure my customers are happy and that I listen to and read their suggestion. "SPICE UP YOUR LIFE" ~WHILE~ "MOVING FORWARD"!!! 

Have Questions? Contact Me For More Information

(336) 225-8079

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